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Capture Your Vision with Vistar Productions - Brisbane's Best Creative Post-Production Service

From video editing to colour grading to audio mixing, this is where your videos come to life. With a limitless creative palette to work with, we can make your video pop. Capture your vision with one of Brisbane's best post-production services.


If you already have footage to go and need editing, we can help you out by giving it that professional touch

Video and Audio control surfaces
Video and audio editing suite

Video Editing

Using the powerful Davinci Resolve, this one-stop-shop application offers video editing, VFX, colour grading, audio suite and rendering all in one

No messy cross application transfers. Davinci speeds up the post process making it time friendly and more affordable to get great post production results

We also have the complete Adobe suite. If any projects are required to use After Effects or Premiere Pro then that’s not a problem

Computer screen of video editing

Colour Grading

The bulk of our projects are shot in Log format which gives us greater flexibility in post to make each shot look amazing

Colourists enhance shots to suit the scene and give an overall complimentary feel, this is what we strive for

Feel free to give examples of looks you’re after, as a matter of fact that makes our job a lot easier rather than guessing

Audio Mixing

Vistar Productions started out as an audio business, so this side of post production comes naturally

Good videos are often judged by good sound and this is an area where we take great pride and precision

From forensically cleaning up noisy audio to automating sweeping music and narration, your videos will sound amazing


Listen to the before and after voiceover clean up below

Before VOVistar Productions
00:00 / 00:13
After VOVistar Productions
00:00 / 00:13
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