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Real Estate Videography in Newport

Experience Professional Real Estate Videography Services in Brisbane with Vistar Productions

In addition to our general video production services, we also specialise in creating high-quality real estate videography that help showcase properties and attract potential buyers.

Our real estate videos are designed to highlight the key features of a property, including the layout, size, location, and any unique selling points. We use a combination of drone footage, talking head or voiceover, and walk-through videos to provide an in-depth look at the property and its surroundings. Our videos are also edited to include relevant information such as property details and contact information for the real estate agent.

Our real estate videos are an effective marketing tool for real estate agents and property owners, as they allow potential buyers to preview a property before visiting in person. They can also be used to attract out-of-town buyers who may not be able to visit the property in person.

If you're a real estate agent or property owner looking to showcase your properties in the best possible light, contact Vistar Productions Brisbane today to experience professional real estate video services.

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Real Estate Video Prices

Package 1

A great and cost effective way to showcase a property. This package includes up to one hour filming on site plus a 60-90 second edited video with backing music and graphics

Package 2

The most popular one! This package includes up to 2 hours on location filming, including drone and talking head or voiceover. Edited to a 60-90 second video with music and graphics

Package 3

The deluxe package. This package includes up to 3 hours filming on location plus neighbourhood attractions, drone and talking head or voiceover. Edited to a 60-90 second video with music and graphics plus a bonus 15 second social media clip


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